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AMS Construction Parts offers a product line ranging from packing kits to rods to complete cylinders. We have a vast selection of new as well as good used cylinders from hundreds of salvaged machines with a 30 day parts warranty. We also supply rebuilt and reconditioned cylinder options with a warranty that ranges from 90 days to 6 months. Please fill out the form below to submit a request or give us a call at 1-800-255-6253 and one of our parts specialist will assist you.

Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinder Parts specialists are standing by to assist you. Call 1-800-255-6253 or Get a Quote Online.

Some of the many hydraulic cylinder parts we sell include:

  • Backhoe Boom Cylinder
  • Backhoe Boom Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Backhoe Bucket Cylinder
  • Backhoe Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Backhoe Extendable Stick / Dipper Arm Cylinder
  • Backhoe Extendable Stick / Dipper Arm Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Backhoe Stick / Dipper Arm Cylinder
  • Backhoe Stick / Dipper Arm Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Front Loader Cylinder
  • Front Loader Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Front Loader Tilt Cylinder
  • Front Loader Tilt Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Steering Cylinder
  • Steering Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Swing Cylinder
  • Show All
  • Swing Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Other
  • Other Seal Kit
  • Angle Cylinder
  • Angle Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Lift Cylinder
  • Lift Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Tilt Cylinder
  • Tilt Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Cylinder Packing Kit
  • Boom Cylinder
  • Boom Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Bucket Cylinder
  • Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Arm/Crowd/Dipper Cylinder
  • Arm/Crowd/Dipper Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Cylinder Packing Kits
  • Hoist Cylinder
  • Hoist Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Brake Cylinder
  • Brake Cylinder Seat Kit
  • Suspension Cylinder
  • Suspension Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Steering Cylinder Seat Kit
  • Lift Cylinder Seat Kit
  • Track Tensioner

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9 Reasons AMS is the Industry Leader in Hydraulic Cylinder Parts

  • Huge Hydraulic Cylinders Inventory
  • Worldwide Parts Network
  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • Rigorous Quality Control
  • Excellent Warranties
  • Fast Shipping Nationwide
  • Knowledgeable Parts Specialist
  • Best Service in the Industry
  • A+ BBB Rating

New part warranties vary by manufacturer. Most undercarriage parts have a pro-rated warranty up to 3 years/4,000 hours, and other parts typically range from 90 days to 1 year. Please ask a sales/parts specialist for more information.

Standard/used part warranties sold by AMS Construction Parts have a 30-day limited warranty.

Reconditioned parts have a 90-day limited warranty unless otherwise stated on an invoice.

If the part fails during the warranty period, a replacement part or full refund will be given upon receipt of the defective part and a copy of the invoice.

See Terms and Warranty for more information.

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