AMS Terms and Warranty

Limited Warranty

Standard Parts warranties sold by AMS Construction Parts have a 30 day limited warranty.

Reconditioned Parts have a 90 Day limited warranty unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Parts are warranted against defect or failure provided the part has been installed and used correctly and for its intended purpose. The part is not warranted if the user neglects the part in any way. If the customer attempts to alter or change/repair the part without permission from AMS Construction Parts the warranty is void.

If the part fails during warranty period, a replacement part or full refund will be given upon receipt of the defective part and a copy of the invoice.

New Parts warranties vary by manufacturer. Most undercarriage parts have a pro-rated warranty up to 3 years/4,000 hours. Other parts typically range from 90 days to 1 year. Please ask a sales/parts specialist for more information.

International Warranty/Shipping Claims

Parts that are exported out of the United States either by AMS or customer may still be eligible for warranty or replacement where applicable. However, Regardless of outcome of warranty or cause of failure AMS does not compensate for freight for international shipping either from USA to International Destination on part failed or from International Destination back to the USA. These terms also apply to where customer receives the incorrect part due to incorrect order or where the wrong part is shipped by AMS.

Conditions & Exceptions

This warranty does not include materials or labor of any kind not furnished by AMS Construction Parts unless a valid estimate of materials and labor is received in writing by AMS Construction Parts and is approved by the Salesman that sold the parts. Remedies are limited to the sales price of the parts.

AMS Construction Parts will not be responsible for:

  1. Damages to other parts or equipment
  2. Downtime or Rental on a replacement machine
  3. Other Claims for Damages

To qualify for any remedies under this limited warranty, AMS Construction Parts must be notified within thirty days of sale on used parts and ninety days of sale on reconditioned parts unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including any warranties of merchantability or fitness as described by the Uniform Commercial Code.

Other Terms of Sale / Restocking Fee

A restocking fee may apply if customer returns product that is not defective or was ordered incorrectly by the customer. Fees vary 15-25% based on product. Ask a sales associate for more information.